What is Solar Echoes?


Solar Echoes is an imaginative strategic role-playing game involving team-based social play in which you take on the role of a hero. Players gather together and immerse themselves in a science-fiction universe, developing their own created characters as they discover and explore new worlds, interact with alien beings, engage in combat with hostiles, and uncover shocking secrets at the far reaches of space. Solar Echoes is a universe designed with endless possibilities and choices.

This tabletop role-playing game uses a fast-moving game system designed to promote team-play with small unit tactics. Players coordinate and execute their moves together without turn-taking, can react to opponents at any time, and see all actions occur simultaneously. Experience squad combat, exciting car chases, deadly starship battles, sensitive dialogue encounters, and cooperative computer hacking in a system designed to involve all players working as a team.



gameplay1smJoin the Union Guard and serve on a special-forces team with alien agents, going on missions to preserve the crucial balance of the uneasy alliance between the seven alien races. As you work to stop smugglers, pirates, powerful criminal organizations, complex conspiracy plots, and even greater threats to the Union, you must help prepare the races for the looming alien threat they can only hope to defeat together!


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Free Solar Echoes Mission Tutorial!

Operation: Flash Strike includes everything new players and game masters need to play the Solar Echoes role-playing game. This adventure is designed to introduce new players to the Solar Echoes setting and gameplay mechanics with a learn-as-you-play approach, and includes a short mission, pre-designed characters, character sheets, battle-maps, character map icons, and phase cards. In this short mission, players must stop an illegal arms deal, prevent the high-tech weapons from falling into the hands of criminals, and interrogate key targets for valuable intel.

Download the FREE Tutorial, Operation: Flash Strike, a 43 MB pdf file at this dropbox link: