The Union Guard (UG)


As a member of the Union Guard, you must investigate and gather information that adversaries of the Union wish to keep secret, protect the people of the Union from those that would seek them harm, and help facilitate a lasting peace between the races. Union Guard agents must be ready to collect sensitive intel in hostile environments, expose and shut down illegal operations, rescue innocent captives, and pursue elusive criminals and organizations. The universe is a big place, but the Union Guard is committed and ready to stand up for justice and peace throughout known space, and beyond.

The Union Guard does not operate under the direct authority of any single government, and their procedures tend to focus on results vs. bureaucratic paperwork. Union Guard members are independent contractors in that they are not under the total control of the UG at all times, nor does the Guard provide all of their gear and supplies–much of that is purchased and owned by Guard members. UG members are not above violating the law while on a mission if that is required to prevent a greater disaster, and while they generally try to respect local laws (obtaining warrants before searching locations, etc.) they will break such laws if needed and if plausible deniability can be established later.