The Solar Echoes game system is based on standard six-sided dice. Each player will need 5 dice: 4 for rolling and 1 for keeping track of rounds for effects.

Attribute-based Rolls: In Solar Echoes, your character’s attribute scores are the number of dice you get to roll. For example, an Influence Attribute of 4 means you get to roll 4 six-sided dice, while an Influence Attribute of 1 means you can only roll 1 six-sided die. After rolling, you select your highest roll and use that when calculating a skill check. However, any 6 rolled past the first adds 1 to the total, but if any 1’s are rolled, subtract 1 from the total. Even though a character with only 1 attribute die can still roll a 6, his chances of doing so are much lower than someone rolling 4 dice!