archaeloidalienplanetbackdrop3pngarchaeloid-emblem3Are you the strong, silent type? Do friends consider you a gentle giant? Do you identify with mollusks? Archaeloids are newcomers to the galactic playing field, originating from a somewhat isolated region of space. They share some physical characteristics with both the nautilus and the lobster, and can be formidable warriors. Though they prefer discretion, their skin reflects their emotions through color, making them very poor liars.




Archaeloid society is quite possibly the closest-knit of all the races. Archaeloids cannot hide their emotions from each other because their feelings are visually represented through skin coloration. As a result, Archaeloids are very sensitive to each others’ feelings–emotions rarely escalate because they are dealt with early on. As a native aquatic species, water is an important element in Archaeloid daily life, and any real-estate owned by Archaeloids will feature many pools and fountains, and will generally have a very humid atmosphere. The Archaeloid home planet is a world that is almost ninety-percent covered in water, and Archaeloid cities lie beneath the waves, causing them to develop reclusive tendencies. The Archaeloids were the last to join the Inter-stellar Union when they were finally discovered by the other races, and as a result, have always felt like outsiders. Though they are trying to establish a greater presence among the other races, the Archaeloids often carry themselves very humbly, and seem shy and unsure of themselves as latecomers to the scene.


  • Two genders, indistinct to other races
  • Color vision and can see in near darkness
  • Hard External Shell: Provides natural armor, and the shell’s hardness does not degrade with damage as other armor does.
  • Aquatic: Can breathe underwater and can swim at full movement speed
  • Aquatic Biology: Suffer less damage from fire attacks
  • Silent Language: Can communicate silently with other Archaeloids using gestures and changes in skin coloration
  • Obvious Emotions: Difficult to conceal emotions from any creature with color vision, resulting in penalties to persuasion and disguise checks
  • Resilient: Bonus to Endurance checks
  • Prone Vulnerability: Attackers gain melee bonus against prone Archaeloids


Racial Talents

Each character gains unique racial talents automatically with every four levels of experience.

  • Ink Cloud (Level 4)
  • Pressure Control (Level 8)
  • Propel (Level 12)
  • Shell Fortress (Level 16)