robots2blueyellowRobots are common in the future, and most of them are relatively harmless machines built to accomplish tasks that would be too dangerous, precise, or repetitive for humans or other races to perform. However, some robots, such as security bots, are designed to be deadly machines. Robots perform a wide variety of tasks: dangerous mining work on unstable asteroids, steel smelting and welding in extreme temperature environments, or even lab-work while exposed to highly toxic chemicals or radiation. While robots are skilled at their programmed tasks, their limited adaptability, obvious artificial nature, and unnatural movement prevents most of them from being mistaken for actual lifeforms.

Thanks to affordable robotic technologies, it has become more cost-efficient to delegate certain roles to robots rather than individuals. Robots have also replaced workers in low-paying jobs, such as cleaning and janitorial work, as the “employer” is no longer required to pay wages or health insurance coverage. Despite claims that robot workers are negatively impacting the working class, statistics have shown an increase in tech-related jobs associated with robot programming, maintenance and repair. Robots currently have no legal rights and are considered property, and legislation exists to prevent advances in AI that might someday require that this issue be addressed. Yet under the radar and off the grid, some organizations regularly use weaponized robots for nefarious purposes, and in some cases, AI development has far exceeded legal limitations.



Recommended Mission: Seeds of Chaos

All of the robots in the Tri-Sun Mall have malfunctioned and have gone totally haywire! You and your team must stop the dangerous robots and prevent them from destroying the shopping center. Investigate and uncover who orchestrated the rampage, how they did it, and why!


  • An exciting mission that puts characters up against a wide variety of robots with unique attacks, behaviors, and weaknesses.
  • Combat, dialogue, and vehicle encounters, plus hacking challenges
  • An open-ended scenario with many creative encounter options to keep players appropriately challenged
  • A fun low-level mission that introduces a situation and an enemy that can easily become a persistent threat in future missions
  • Artwork, stat-block art borders
  • Full-color battlemap
  • Shopping Mall setup details
  • Full-color shopping mall map icons
  • For 1st to 3rd level characters