Solar Echoes at ShoreLeave 39 Convention!

CylonRaidersmYou know you’re at a science-fiction convention when you see a Cylon Raider parked out front! Check out Solar Echoes and join one of the game sessions running during the convention. Pick an alien character, choose his skills and talents, and buy some equipment. Then, join a special forces team of other aliens and save the galaxy! Game all weekend and try out new missions using Solar Echoes miniatures and full-color maps!

Hunt Valley, Maryland

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New Solar Echoes Mission, Operation: Void Hunter!

Designed for characters of levels 3-4. Why is the Union Guard sending you to Sa’mesh? The Krissethi planet is officially labeled a wildlife preserve, but it is actually a commercialized hunting ground full of deadly lifeforms. The Union Guard is acting on a tip that an unregistered Voidrunner starship was spotted landing somewhere in the forests of Sa’mesh. Considering the mysterious qualities of Voidrunners, the Union Guard is highly suspicious and is sending you and your team to investigate. Can you survive the deadly lifeforms of Sa’mesh, and uncover the mystery that awaits?

Includes Krissethi Hunter culture, an involved story with unique characters, games and gambling, lots of NPC’s to question and coerce, Krissethi Hunter NPC’s for hire as guides and protectors, a Krissethi weaponsmith who can customize and improve weapons, deadly alien lifeforms (with full stats and color icons, including the new and very dangerous Mokaru!), hacking grids, starship cards, NPC outlaws with character and starship map icons, and a full-color 4-page wilderness battlemap and a 2-page starship interior battlemap with separate map keys with specific map details and rules

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Solar Echoes at Balticon 51 Convention!

Check out Solar Echoes and join one of the game sessions running during the convention. Game all weekend and try out new missions using Solar Echoes miniatures and full-color maps!

Baltimore, Maryland

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Solar Echoes Character Pack Update!

Cover of New Character Pack SMALLIncludes 8 ready-made characters for Players and Mission Controllers, back-story information for each character, plus character sheets, map icons, character building information, and the history of the Union Guard. Characters are balanced to provide a well-rounded team, capable of dealing with any scenario!

(Included pre-made characters are the same characters from the free demo, Operation: Flash Strike, but include background information and alternate character art and icons. This product may be used separately or as an add-on to Operation: Flash Strike)

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FREE Solar Echoes Demo, Operation: Flash-Strike

DemoKitCoversmOperation Flash Strike includes everything new players and a Mission Controller (GM) need to run the Flash Strike Mission. This adventure is designed to introduce new players to the Solar Echoes setting and gameplay mechanics with a learn-as-you-play approach.
In this short mission, players must stop an illegal arms deal, prevent the high-tech weapons from ending up in the hands of criminals, and interrogate key individuals for valuable intel.

Also includes 8 pre-made characters, new character sheets, map icons, and phase cards.

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Solar Echoes Player’s Guide Update!

This update will be released on 5/2/2017 on Anyone who has previously purchased the Player’s Guide will receive an email notice when the update is live, and can download an updated copy for free.

Discount! A $5 discount off the full price of the Player’s Guide will be running at RPGnow from 5/2 to 5/7.

* NEW AND IMPROVED DICE SYSTEM! As before, roll your attribute dice for a skill check and select the highest number rolled. However, any 6 rolled past the first adds 1 to the total, but if any 1’s are rolled, subtract 1 from the total.
–Dice Probability Table Included—

Your chance of rolling four 6’s with four dice is very small (1/1296) but I’ve seen it done, and that gives you a 9, before even adding skill ranks!

* NEW INTERROGATION RULES! As before, when trying to raise an NPC’s Posture to a target number, failing a Persuasion check lowers his Posture. However, the NPC can also “talk back” and make a Persuasion check against you! If he succeeds, he can lower his own Posture, too, which means, if he gets it down to 1, the interrogation is over—he has become totally uncooperative and has gone completely hostile!

* NEW RACIAL VULNERABILITIES! The reptilian Krissethi are more susceptible to being slowed by cold damage, the plant-like Erwani catch fire more easily, the insectoid Chiraktis are more sensitive to chemical attacks, the amoebic Omuls are more susceptible to irradiation from energy weapons, the large-eared Reln are more sensitive to sonic attacks, and the large-shelled Archaeloids are easier to hit with melee weapons when they’ve been knocked prone!

* NEW CHARACTER SHEETS! I re-designed the original character sheets, and artist John Fell added an amazing graphical polish. These are the coolest character sheets I’ve seen for an RPG!

* NEW CHARACTER SHEET PDF FORM! I designed a version of the new character sheet that has entry fields, so you can type in your details, save the form, print it out, and access it later when your character levels up or gains new items!




Solar Echoes at Dreamation Convention!

Check out Solar Echoes and sign up for one of the four game sessions running during the convention. Game all weekend and try out new missions using Solar Echoes miniatures and full-color maps!

Morristown, New Jersey

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SameshAdExplorer’s Guide to Sa’mesh Releases on

The Explorer’s Guide to Sa’mesh reveals details of an alien planet any GM would find useful for filling out his sci-fi campaign universe. Creative tools, NPC’s, and mission ideas are provided to help GM’s flesh out the world of Sa’mesh, a planetary wildlife preserve full of deadly lifeforms used by the Krissethi as a gigantic hunting ground! Details about the culture, economy, people, food, the Sa’mesh hunting industry, new weapons, and more are included in the guide. A dangerous new lifeform is also revealed with a detailed mission designed for players to experience hunting it down, with full-color map icons and wilderness battlemaps included!

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shorehammeradSolar Echoes at Shorehammer Wargaming Convention

Learn how to design and publish your own RPG at the panel discussion, play Solar Echoes game demo’s, and even win some free prizes! Gaming all weekend–build your character, form a team, and go on special-forces missions as alien Union Guard agents!

Ocean City, Maryland




rpgnowblackfridaysaleSolar Echoes products are on sale!

Take advantage of the savings for some great sci-fi tabletop role-playing over the holidays. Assemble a team of alien special forces agents with family and friends, then go on missions to stop smugglers, rampaging robots, and alien threats!

Play as a team, because do you really think you can save the universe all by yourself?

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