chiraktisalienplanetbackdrop3pngchiraktisemblem2Are you ruthlessly efficient? Is there a powerful female figure ruling your life? Are you eager for the day when insects burn people with magnifying glasses? The Chiraktis are a race of sentient insects that live to serve their Hive and its Queen. The drones of this species consist of brutal warriors and intelligent workers. Warriors are extremely aggressive in all forms of combat, while the tenacious Workers use technology to control the battlefield.





The Queen is the focal point of Chiraktis society. The majority of Chiraktis are male drones, which are either workers or warriors for the hive. The Queen sometimes allows and encourages drones that have demonstrated unusual abilities above their brothers to leave the Hive, sending them out to promote and expand her influence across the galaxy. However, these drones are required to report to her once a year and inform her of their progress. She considers them her eyes and ears among the other races, and plans her conquests accordingly. If a drone fails to report back to the Queen, she considers him an apostate and sends an elite assassin force to hunt him down and kill him. In general, Chiraktis prefer humid and densely packed environments, and don’t like to be alone for long periods of time. Duty is always considered before pleasure, and Chiraktis have very few forms of entertainment that aren’t practical in developing useful skills.


  • Two distinct genders, but only the Queen is female—all drones are male
  • Color vision, Enhanced sense of smell
  • Sugar Addict: Suffer a penalty to Discern Motive checks when offered sweets
  • Flexible Neck: Head can turn up to 300 degrees, providing a bonus to Awareness checks
  • Plastron: Can breathe underwater and in low oxygen environments for up to 1 hour
  • Speech Impediment: Due to limitations in method of physically imitating the speech of other races, suffers a language penalty while walking and talking
  • Obedient Servant: Cannot disobey a direct command from the Chiraktis Queen
  • Chain of Command: Must make an annual report to the Hive or face banishment and probable execution
  • Chemical Vulnerability: Chiraktis suffer effects longer from chemical attacks


Racial Talents

Each character gains unique racial talents automatically with every four levels of experience.

  • Wing It (Level 4)
  • Sonic Screech (Level 8)
  • Pheromone (Level 12)
  • Burst of Strength (Soldier Drone, Level 16)
  • Devoted Tenacity (Worker Drone, Level 16)