omulalienplanetbackdrop3pngomulemblem2Are you always the last one picked to join the team? Will you try anything at least once, particularly if it has never been done before? Are you bothered when people eat pudding? Omul are a mysterious race of amoeba-like creatures that make tricky opponents, skilled in both combat and infiltration. They lack any social graces, consider anarchy acceptable, and prefer to behave as they wish.






Omul society borders on anarchy, with few laws and a civilization largely based on the self-serving and independent individual. However, Omuls do congregate and work together on projects that cannot be accomplished by an individual, and their technological development is considered very advanced. Omuls are native to caves and other underground areas, preferring to live in dark, enclosed environments, which is why many suspect this is the reason they find the blackness of space so appealing. A common theme in Omul construction and art is asymmetry, yet in other areas, they seem to adopt to accepted standards, such as with their attempts to blend in with the races by wearing humanoid suits. It is unknown whether Omuls wear these life-like empty shells to be more socially acceptable or to blend in so they can spy more effectively. Omul telepathic communication and their formless, faceless bodies seem to be a source of general distrust and dislike among the other races, but because Omuls are so numerous, they are tolerated and accommodated.


  • Genderless: Reproduces by division
  • No color vision, but can see into the far infrared spectrum
  • Omni-directional vision: Sees in all directions simultaneously, gaining a bonus to Awareness checks
  • Amorphous Shape: Can contract down to a thickness of 2 inches and may squeeze through small areas
  • Aquatic: Can breathe underwater and can swim at full movement speed
  • Slither: Bonus to Stealth checks to move silently
  • Silent Language: Can communicate using telepathy
  • Energy Vulnerability: Omuls suffer irradiate more easily from energy damage


Racial Talents

Each character gains unique racial talents automatically with every four levels of experience.

  • Expel Vacuole (Level 4)
  • Displace Loyalty (Level 8)
  • Bud (Level 12)
  • Inhabit Other (Level 16)