humanalienplanetbackdrop3pnghumanemblemAre you trying to make a name for yourself in the world? Are you skilled at adapting to strange, new situations? Do you consider yourself the standard for normalcy? The humans in this part of the galaxy are all descendents of Earth-born humans who left their homeworld ages ago. Humans are extremely adaptable, capable of filling almost any role with a mix of skill and tenacity.





Human society on New Terra and in surrounding territories is similar to that of their ancestors on Earth. The original colonists were more driven, capable, and unified than is typical for the human species, and this is reflected in the society of their descendents. Human preferences have not changed much over the centuries—they still enjoy creature comforts and a mix of social interaction and solitary reflection. Human society is marked by their industriousness and innovation, and their competitive nature continues to drive their work ethic and ambition. Games and other forms of entertainment have followed humanity through the stars, and human sporting competitions have inspired other races to learn their games. After all, games with other races were originally an effective diplomatic “ice-breaker,” allowing for alliances to be formed more easily. Gambling has persisted in human culture as well, and there are countless casinos throughout the human-controlled regions of space, each offering up every form of gaming imaginable.


  • Two distinct genders
  • Color vision
  • Adaptable: At character creation, player may raise one attribute by 1 if lowering another by 1
  • Resourceful: Bonus to Resourcefulness checks
  • Spaceborn: All Humans get the Spacer talent for free, negating the usual penalty to moving and acting in zero gravity environments
Racial Talents
Each character gains unique racial talents automatically with every four levels of experience.

  • Born of the Stars (Level 4)
  • Adaptable (Level 8)
  • Lucky (Level 12)
  • Cyberware Mastery (Level 16)