relnalienplanetbackdrop3pngrelnemblemcroppedDo you feel the secrets of the universe call to you? Does your mastery of words open doors for you? Is your basement full of antiques of unusual origin and exceptional lethality? The Reln are an ancient race from a harsh world that physically resemble humans. Reln are master diplomats and consider words the most powerful weapon of all. They are known for their versatility, technological achievements, and their exclusive ability to explore the dark region of space known as the Voidsea.





Reln society can be described as involving two main themes: suffering, and an endless struggle to better themselves. The Reln are a resilient race, especially those that endure the harsh environment of their home planet—a planet where nightless days drag on for months under scorching heat with their resonance-locked sun, and where the few nights in a year pass so slowly that Reln sometimes hibernate for several weeks at a time to survive the cold. Reln cities are primarily devoted to education and advancement, where Reln are aggressively educated and “educational inflation” never really ends. The Reln government rewards parents who produce offspring at a later age, providing a steady income so the parents can focus on raising and educating their children. The proximity of the Voidsea to the Reln homeworld is attributed to their insatiable curiosity for it, though they closely guard the secrets they have learned there from the other races who are unable to safely travel its twisted depths. Reln artwork often focuses on themes of suffering and triumph over adversity. Though Reln are friendly and personable, they always maintain a certain reserved distance from everyone but their own kind.


  • Two distinct genders
  • No color vision, but can see into the near infrared spectrum
  • Echolocation: Can determine location of objects within 30 feet using ultrasound
  • Sensitive Ears: Vulnerable to sound-based attacks
  • Radiation Resistance: Suffers less from irradiated effects
  • Hibernation: Capable of hibernating for up to 2 weeks without food or water



Racial Talents

Each character gains unique racial talents automatically with every four levels of experience.

  • Ultrasonic Screech (Level 4)
  • Energy Resistance (Level 8)
  • Gaze of the Void (Level 12)
  • Void Touch (Level 16)