krissethialienplanetbackdrop3pngkrissethiemblemDoes wealth and power drive your every decision? Do you enjoy sneaking up behind your friends and scaring the daylights out of them? Have you been accused of making everything a competition? Krissethi are reptilian masters of stealth and enjoy hunting their opponents; they are skillful and proud warriors that are constantly competing to achieve greatness.






Krissethi society is tied together by a hierarchy of the most powerful and respected tribes—usually those that have accomplished great victories in battle or finance. Krissethi high culture is extremely materialistic and status is judged largely by wealth. Even the Krissethi language is designed to be spoken with formality, using terms like “servant” when referring to oneself in the presence of someone of higher status. Ultimately, luxury and power is the goal of most Krissethi, and ostentatious displays of wealth are an accepted part of the culture. However, some Krissethi believe there is more power in savings than in flaunted wealth, and these Krissethi are usually behind the scenes, without overt signs of status. Games and gambling are popular in their society, but hunting is a sport taken very seriously by the Krissethi. In fact, they have an entire planet reserved for hunting, filled with some of the most dangerous alien lifeforms in the galaxy.


  • Two distinct genders
  • Color vision, enhanced sense of smell
  • Natural Camouflage: Can control coloration of skin to match surroundings, gaining a bonus to Stealth checks
  • Natural Endurance: Can hold breath twice as long as normal and also gains a bonus to Endurance checks made to resist heat
  • Cold-Blooded: Suffers a penalty to Endurance checks made to resist cold and suffers more damage from cold-based attacks
  • Hibernation: Capable of hibernating for up to 4 weeks without food or water
  • Independent Eyes: Eyes function independently, granting a bonus to Awareness checks
  • Cold Vulnerability: Krissethi are slowed more easily from cold damage


Racial Talents

Each character gains unique racial talents automatically with every four levels of experience.

  • Regenerate (Level 4)
  • Improved Camouflage (Level 8)
  • Surface Cling (Level 12)
  • Tongue Strike (Level 16)