erwanialienplanetbackdrop3pngerwaniemblemDo you take a long-term view of the world? Are you a creative intellectual, sometimes labeled as a nerd or geek? Do you object to people carving their initials on you? Erwani are highly intelligent plants with a very inquisitive nature. They are renowned for their ability to understand and directly interface with computers, though their society is divided on the use of technology.






Erwani society is sharply divided between the older generations of Erwani, known as the Elders, and the modern Erwani. The Elders refuse to have anything to do with modern technology, focusing on purity and living a life devoid of all things unnatural. In contrast, modern Erwani use technology, even integrating it into their bodies by grafting data tendrils and other cyberware enhancements in order to interface directly with computers. Ironically, it is the modern generation of Erwani and their use of technology that has allowed the Elders to live their pure, natural lives by enjoying the protection the modern Erwani provide for them, though they are forever banished from the lands of the Elders. Most Erwani enjoy the physical comforts of modern society, and are highly advanced in nearly every form of art and music. They also enjoy games of strategy, and often play “the long game,” though they consider the game of chess “too quick” to form any truly advanced strategies. Erwani sometimes spend long hours, even days, standing in one place enjoying a good view while relishing the nutrients of the soil and sunlight.


  • Androgynous: both male and female, indistinct gender
  • Color vision
  • Plant Biology: Can breathe either oxygen or carbon dioxide
  • Plant Immune System: Immune to most diseases and poisons, unless specifically harmful to plants
  • Plant Diet: Cannot starve, but requires water
  • Plant Anatomy: Non-plant characters suffer penalties to Biotech checks to heal this species
  • Thorns: Bonus to grapple attempts and Athletics checks to climb
  • Sleepless: Does not sleep, but needs to spent several hours a day in nutriet-rich soil
  • Fire Vulnerability: Erwani catch fire and burn more easily from fire damage


Racial Talents
Each character gains unique racial talents automatically with every four levels of experience.

  • Regrowth (Level 4) or
  • Multiplex Interpolation (Level 4)
  • Vice Grip (Level 8)
  • Spores (Level 12)
  • Multi-weapon Mastery (Level 16) or
  • Cyber-weapon Mastery (Level 16)