What is Different?

The Solar Echoes game system is designed to move fast, encourage teamwork, and to provide a variety of challenging scenarios. In Solar Echoes, the players work as Union Guard agents on a special-forces team, while the MC (Mission Controller, the title we give to the Game Master in Solar Echoes) manages the narrative, the scenario, and the challenges the players will face.


No more initiative means no waiting for your turn:

Players plan their movements and actions together without a prescribed turn order, and can react to anything whenever they choose. Rules are streamlined and the game is designed to move quickly–just a single opposed skill check with a little added luck from the dice determines success or failure.



The game encourages tactics and team-play:

Players will find success is achieved by actively coordinating together as a team. Smaller hit point totals and wound penalties instantly make team tactics crucial. Every system in the game is designed to involve all players working together.


Experience a variety of gameplay challenges:

Solar Echoes involves a range of scenarios including squad combat, starship battles, car chases, and even dialogue and hacking encounters. This is all conducted under an efficient and easy to learn game system.