In Solar Echoes, the universe is full of life. Many planets are uninhabitable, but some have traces of life while others abound with a variety of strange organisms. Some lifeforms are sentient and use tools, yet others exist with little more than the will to survive, relying on instinct while using natural means to accomplish this.

Explorers, researchers, colonists, and others that have discovered new alien lifeforms (and lived to tell the tale) have made efforts to record information about these organisms with new entries being made all the time. However, most of the lifeforms in this vast universe remain uncatalogued. Encountering alien lifeforms can be a dangerous experience, so it is best to be prepared and learn from those who have recorded some of what is out there. What will you discover next?



Recommended Mission: Derelict

derelictA distress beacon has been traced to a battered starship drifting through an empty region of space. Were they attacked, or was this simple misfortune? Mysteriously, there is no sign that the crew or anyone else escaped.


  • An exciting mission that puts characters in an isolated and precarious situation
  • Squad combat, a starship battle, plus hacking challenges
  • Overcome a variety of deadly lifeforms on a remote, dangerous planet with a harsh atmosphere and low gravity
  • The characters must work together to survive ambushes, alien lifeforms, and snipers to discover the location of a secret pirate base
  • Interior artwork by artists Jay Darnell and Sarah Carter
  • Starship interior map for the derelict spacecraft
  • For 1st to 3rd level characters