While the player races represent a diverse assortment of technologically advanced species, there are other notable races in this region of the galaxy and in the unexplored regions beyond. These races are generally not considered player races for several reasons: some of them require such extreme environments that it would be difficult for them to cohabitate with other races. Others have beliefs that would be considered anathema to most civilized races. These races are encountered infrequently, as some are designed to be ideal villains or mysterious threats.

Evidence of life outside charted space is prevalent, and the known races are likely just a sampling of what lies beyond. Fear and curiosity have prompted a number of researchers and explorers alike to test the uncharted reaches of space. Exploration efforts have been limited by the proximity of fueling stations, the lack of funding, and the number of disappearances occurring past the edges of known space. Despite these concerns, however, scientists continue to press the ISU to conduct more robust exploratory efforts, insisting that the concentration of life throughout known space can only be representative of what must also be the case in uncharted regions.


Recommended Mission: A Test of Strength

A Test of StrengthA distress call quickly turns to a general alarm as one of the galaxy’s most advanced research stations is under attack! The unknown alien threat is cutting a swath of destruction through the base’s defenders–can your team turn the tide before there are no survivors?


  • An exciting mission that puts characters up against a new, powerful alien foe
  • Squad combat, dialogue, and hacking challenges
  • Contend with the bizarre capabilities of the mysterious alien, and try to survive the threats it leaves for you in its wake to slow you down
  • The characters must work together to discover the alien’s objectives, and stop it before it finds what it’s looking for!
  • Discover top-secret intel on a deadly alien enemy and gain higher security-clearance
  • For 5th to 7th level characters