Union Guard Handbook


The Union Guard Handbook includes alien character art, information, and emblems for Players, plus a sheet of full-color character map icons. Also includes new emblems for the Union Guard, the Inter-stellar Union, and criminal organizations with descriptions, plus UG advice to help new recruits adjust to alien diversity.

Inside the handbook:

  • 7 new works of full color art by John Fell for each of the alien character races
  • Alien character details including cultural details and a list of physical traits and racial talents
  • New emblem designs by John Fell for each alien character race, the UG and ISU, and 4 criminal organizations, with descriptions for each
  • New border art by John Fell incorporating emblem designs
  • Full-color map icons for each character race, ready to print for quick use
  • Union Guard advice to help new recruits adjust to alien diversity

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