FREE Demo, Operation: Flash Strike


Operation Flash Strike includes everything new players and a Mission Controller (GM) need to run the Flash Strike Mission. This adventure is designed to introduce new players to the Solar Echoes setting and gameplay mechanics with a learn-as-you-play approach. In this short mission, players must stop an illegal arms deal, prevent the high-tech weapons from ending up in the hands of criminals, and interrogate key individuals for valuable intel.

47 pages containing the basics needed for play, including:

  • “Operation: Flash Strike” Mission for beginning level players
  • 8 pre-made characters, with stats, skills, talents, and equipment
  • Blank character sheet and character sheet pdf entry form
  • Character sheet explanation
  • Phase Cards
  • Full-color character map icons
  • Map key and full-color, 3-page battle map


FREE Demo, Operation: Flash Strike at